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Historical Gardens of La Laboral

The refurbishment works on the Gardens have recovered this environment with a surface area of 12,578 square metres for visitors to go for walks and rest.

The refurbishment of the Gardens recovers the initial idea with which they were conceived in their day by Javier de Winthuysen, projected as two rows in an Andalusian style. The refurbishment project, designed by the architect Alfonso Toribio Gutiérrez and the landscape designer José Valdeón, recovers the water in the canals, being the connecting thread for the works, with a hydraulic system conceived to make the maximum use of this resource.

 The water is collected, managed and redistributed both in terms of the irrigation systems/variable rainwater regime and the aesthetic requirements. This system covers all the areas: the Eastern Square, having three square fountains with spouts at floor level, the Monumental Fountain; the irrigation channels of the gardens; and the pond.

The rainwater poured into the Central Patio is collected in a series of tanks located under the Monumental Fountain. After filling up of rainwater, their content is pumped to the large pond. This water reserve is used for watering, mainly via drip irrigation, the different areas of the gardens. With regard to the landscape, six varieties of ornamental plants widely used at present throughout Europe have been chosen. These plants provide colour, texture, movement and an annual cycle travelling through the four seasons in different ways. The trees complete the landscape sought, chosen due to the containment of their growth and the tones of their foliage.

Gramineae were used in the ornamental part of the garden, contributing with their colours almost all year round. They allow a contemporaneous note to be added to the landscape intervention, separating that which is original from that restored. As in the case of the pond, the original paving formed by granite slabs and brick panels has been recovered.

The Eastern Square, unresolved since the end of the works on the building in the fifties, was considered as a civic square to relax and meet others, with a marked contemporaneous accent although following parameters of architect Luis Moya in that façade of the building and in the Central Patio of the architectonic set. In this way, several spaces, corridors and rest zones in different areas have been created, where the materials, plants and fountains are toyed with to generate a square with a high aesthetic value, accessible and closely related to the architecture of its environment.



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Del viernes 15 al viernes 22 de noviembre de 2019

FICX. Sección Enfants Terribles

Viernes 15 y sábado 16 de noviembre de 2019

Punto de encuentro: Recepción de la Laboral

Majluta Lab Basic: People in movement

Club de lectura

Sábados 19 de octubre, 16 de noviembre y 14 de diciembre de 2019, 12:30 h.

Punto de encuentro: Recepción de la Laboral 15 min. antes del inicio del taller

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