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La Laboral Culture City is a space that is open to all that is going on in the world of arts, research and new technologies. In this unique city, different expressions of culture and training co-exist on a daily basis in order to serve and act as a meeting point for those committed to knowledge, the sharing of experiences and innovation.

A mere 30 minutes from the airport, excellently connected to the rest of the region and only 3 km away from the historic city centre of Gijón, La Laboral Culture City is a magnificent venue in which to hold and organise any event.

In addition to its deep-rooted customs and traditions, the region offers a wide, top-quality selection of hotel accommodation, not to mention a considerable tourist and cultural infrastructure. All of which is at your entire disposition to enable you to enjoy a marvellous evening in a genuine Natural Paradise.

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Should you require any aid, additional information or need to make a reservation, please contact our customer service at:

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Viernes 26 de abril de 2019, 20:00 h.

Paraninfo de la Laboral

Laboral Cinemateca. La tercera esposa

Acróbata y Arlequín

Sábado 27 de abril de 2019, 17:30 h.

Teatro de la Laboral

Vamos al teatro! Acróbata y arlequín de La Maquiné

Sábado 27 de abril de 2019, 20:00 h.

Paraninfo de la Laboral

Laboral Cinemateca. Maya


Abierta una nueva convocatoria del programa Cortometrajes Laboral Cinemateca

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L.E.V. 2019

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La Maquiné preestrena Acróbata y Arlequín en el Teatro de la Laboral

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