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The City of Culture has a Visitors’ Reception Centre located at the entrance to the building, which also serves as information point, as well as being the starting point for guided tours.

The guided tours around La Laboral shed light on its architecture, history and current uses, and also include visits to the many elements that go to make up this spectacular whole: Corinthian courtyard, vantage point tower, church…

The theatre, with its innovative artistic programme, the exhibitions at the Centre of Art and Industrial Creation and the new conference and meeting spaces all go to make up a unique jigsaw, to which complementary services such as the Laboral shop and café must also be added.

The continuous projects and novelties to be met with at La Laboral make a return visit to the City of Culture a must.


Viernes 24 de enero de 2020, 18:00 h.

Sala azul del Teatro de la Laboral

Taller de danza contemporánea

Coque Malla

Viernes 24 de enero de 2020, 21:00 h.

Teatro de la Laboral

Coque Malla

Sábados 25 de enero y 14 de marzo de 2020, 11:30 h.

Punto de encuentro: Recepción de la Laboral 15 min. antes del inicio del taller

Taller de improvisación teatral


La compañía La Sonrisa del Lagarto ultima su obra Ohiá en la Laboral

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Música, danza y teatro en Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura

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Dani Rovira llenará el Teatro de la Laboral

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